Learn About Assistive Listening Devices

Do you need help with your hearing? Assistive listening devices are designed to improve the hearing ability for people who have difficulty hearing or trouble distinguishing one voice when other sounds or voices are also present. Read more about our assistive listening devices below and contact us with your questions.

amplified phone

Amplified Phones

An amplified phone can help make phone conversations less challenging. They can be used to help make connecting with family and friends easier by allowing you to hear speech more clearly and at a higher volume.

pocket talker

Pocket Talkers

Pocket talkers are useful in close proximity and one-on-one conversations, in situations where there is no background noise present, and when the person talking is comfortable holding a handheld microphone. We find them to be particularly helpful in hospital settings, assisted care facilities, and when the user has poor dexterity and is unable to handle personal amplification such as hearing aids.

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