Protect Your Hearing with Audiocorp in Southern New Brunswick

When excessive noise is unavoidable, take the necessary precautions and protect your hearing with the help of Audiocorp Ltd. Our hearing protection devices will allow you to work or enjoy recreational activities safely. Featuring products from Bernafon, we have a variety of protective devices to suit your unique needs, including the following:


Enjoy maximum noise protection with this device which attenuates 29dB of sound. If sound reduction is the primary goal and the ability to hear is not as important, this is the choice for you.

The Noise Braker

If you need hearing protection and the ability to hear some low frequencies, the Noise Braker is the appropriate ear mold for you. Featuring a small filtering device, this item offers 18dB of attenuation and is a good choice for hunters.

Musician Plug ER 9™

Maintain high sound clarity while receiving 9dB of attenuation with the ER 9. This level of musician plug is recommended for acoustic guitar, vocalists and string instruments.

Musician Plug ER 15™

Enjoy 15dB of attenuation while maintaining great sound clarity. This is the most versatile choice as it provides uniform sound reduction across all frequencies.

Musician Plug ER 25™

Providing 25dB of attenuation, this plug offers the highest level of protection along with good sound clarity. These plugs are the preferred choice when playing brass, percussion and amplified instruments.

Swim Plug

Keep water out of your ears with the effective swim plugs from Audiocorp. These custom-molded plugs offer the utmost comfort while keeping your ears dry.

Sleep Molds

Eliminate 29dB of sound and get a good night’s sleep with our sleep molds. Offering exceptional comfort, these plugs are countersunk in your ear.

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