Hear Clearly with TV Devices & Oticon’s FM System

Enjoy crystal clear sound from your television or radio with the help of Audiocorp Ltd. We sell products that will enhance your entertainment experience, including TV devices and the Oticon Amigo FM System.

TV device

TV Devices

If you suffer from hearing loss, you can still hear the television clearly without turning up the volume with TV devices from Audiocorp. Through this wireless listening device, you can set your own volume and tone while others in the room can listen to the television at their own level. You can watch your family’s favourite shows and never miss a word.

Oticon Amigo FM System

Oticon Amigo FM System

The auditory specialists at Oticon have created this FM system that delivers clear speech signals through background noise. The speaker’s voice is picked up by a microphone which can be worn around your neck or simply placed on a table. The sound is then transmitted directly to your hearing aids. These devices are often used for hearing impaired children in classrooms but are valuable to anyone with hearing loss.

                                        Image provided by Oticon Canada, Ltd.

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