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A Response to CBC Marketplace's "Price Tag Confidential"

Written by Trevor Menchenton, Audiologist & Co-Owner of Audiocorp -March, 2013

I have always been someone who appreciates good journalism. There is something inherently impressive when a program compiles thorough research on a topic and then presents it in an entertaining and informative manner. Documentaries on almost anything imaginable always appeal to me as I love to learn and improve my knowledge on any subject of interest. It is for this reason I eagerly anticipated the recent CBC Marketplace episode titled “Price Tag Confidential,” which promised to shed some light on the hearing aid industry in Canada. While Marketplace has long been a respected CBC program, it did an exceptionally poor job in its discussion on hearing aid pricing and failed to outline many critical details about audiological services in Canada. With that in mind, I thought this article would be the perfect opportunity to provide clarification.

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